Walking by Myself - Gary Moore
Robbin’ a liquor store - The Scabs
Like a rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
Don’t Stop - Fleetwood Mac
Hard times - The Scabs
Blauw - The Scene
Iedereen is van de wereld - The Scene
Lieve kleine piranha - Gorki
Hey Barkeep - The Scabs
As the bottle runs dry- The Wolf Banes

Vlaanderen boven - Raymond van het Groene Woud
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Narcotic - Liquido
Jump/Sweet/Rocks - Van Halen, The Sweet, Primal Scream
It's a long way to the top - AC/DC
Allright now - The Free
Looking Back - Gary Moore
Kid's wonna rock/Bad case/Moving on - Brian Adams,
Robert Palmer, Gary Moore
Creep - Radiohead

Anja - Gorki
Vive ma liberté - Arno
Rain come down on me - Kane
Tell me it's not over - Star Sailers
New Years Day - U2
Use somebody - Kings of Leon
(Rebel Rebel) Je veux nager - David Bowie, Arno
Hard to handle - The Black Crowes

Key to love - Gary Moore
Hell ain’t no bad place to be - AC/DC
Alfabet (Ca plain pour moi) - Plastic Bertrand
Meisjes - Raymond van het Groene Woud
Maria - Deep Purple, Raymond van het Groene Woud
Viva Colonia/I'm into folk - Höhner, The Radios

Ik wil je - De Kreuners
Rocking all over the World - Status Quo
Keep on rocking in a free World - Neil Young
Alleen op de wereld - Ciske De Rat
The party is over - The Scabs


Limburg Allein - Jo Erens
Loaneke (Stanneke) - Hugo Mathijssen
Bonanza (Chachacha) - Raymond van het Groene Woud
Jeux de Boules (Wooly Bully) - Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
Mien Bomma (Swimming in the Pool) - The Radios
Mestreech  (Vlaanderen boven) - Raymond van het Groene Woud
Bestel mer - Rowen Héze
Sollicitere ( Gimme some lovin') - Janse Bagge Bend
Met de neus omhoeg - Rowen Héze
Alles good menier (What's up) -Four Non Blondes
Loat ze mer buijele (Somekind of Wonderful) - Grand Funk Railroad
Limburg (Where do you go to my lovely) - Peter Sarstedt